Item : 308484
Paris type clock. Subject "The power of love". Measurements cm h. 59x38.5x14.
Period: Early 19th century
Measures H x L x P  
Watchmaker: Cleret a Paris. About 1820. Chiseled and gilded bronze with mercury. Parisian manufacture of the Restoration period and style. The subject of this clock fully reveals the romantic climate, which since the end of the eighteenth century occupies the whole of the nineteenth century. Here we find the representation of the power of Love fully expressed. A figure of a young woman, standing to the left of the plinth that contains the quadrant, holds her chest with her right hand in the act of giving her heart, with her left she caresses the luxuriant plant, a symbol of loving vigor; the face turns towards the emblem of fidelity and the conjugal pact "two hands that clasp". on the right leaning against the plant: a hoe,
Antichit√† Santoro 
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