Item : 220267
Battle of Valmy. Watercolor. 10x13 cm
Period: Second half of the 18th century
Measures H x L x P  
Watercolor 10x13 cm, with frame 14.5x17.2. Battle of Valmy, 20 September 1792. It took place at a mill near the village of Valmy, a French town of 290 inhabitants located in the department of the Marne in the Grand Est region. It marks the first victory of revolutionary France in the war against the first Austro-Prussian coalition. A reckless, undisciplined army of scarce military experience and, moreover, in a significant numerical inferiority (24,000 first-line French, of which only 8,000 from the old army of the king, later called "the beggars of Valmy", against about 35,000 among Prussians and Austrians in the front line and 80,000 in total in the
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